The Continuous Reinvention of Me

It is 49 degrees and sunny in Boston this morning.  I am already in the hotel lobby working on my slides.  I keep studying and revising and rethinking and over-thinking…I MUST STOP THE MADNESS!

I have been waiting for this opportunity for years.  I truly believe that speaking is a part of my future.  I love being with people and telling them about what I do.  When asked I say that I am the Athletic Business Manager at Canisius College and President of my own consulting company.  With whom do I consult?  I work with colleges and universities and help them create a culture of fiscal integrity.  I aid in the creation of a Business Operations Manual which includes best practices and my own copyrighted accounting information system called The Shadow System©.

How did I get here?

I tied grape vines to wires when I was 13 years old.  Truly a dirty job but it was outside and my friends all sang songs and got sunburned on cool sunny March days.

I was a receptionist then bookkeeper, then office manager at my father’s car dealership.

I was a bookkeeper and cashier at the bookstore at Canisius College.

I got my degree in Accounting at Canisius College (are you picking up on a theme here?)

I was a bookkeeper and store clerk at Yachting World in my tiny hometown.

I was a music teacher for a year at my parish parochial grammar school.  Easily the most fun job I was totally unqualified for.  I had it for a year after my first child died.  Sister Donald told me I was helping her but years later I know she saved my life by giving me a reason to get up in the morning.

I was Director of Accounting at Canisius College.

I was ticket manager at Canisius College.

I was Athletic Business Manager (still doing this one after nearly 20 years) at Canisius College.

I was Senior Women Administrator at Canisius College.

I helped the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference develop agreed-upon procedures years before the NCAA created theirs.

I got my Masters in Sport Administration from…come on…guess!

I served on the NCAA Financial Reporting Committee.

I am consult with several Division I schools.

I am a wife, mother, volunteer, national anthem singing golfer who loves long walks on the beach J  Anyway, I have done a whole lot of things in my day and am buoyed by the thought that I am really just beginning!

Please let me know if you read my blog.  I truly appreciate your time and wish you nothing but the best!

Life is good!


Twitter: MidMajorMom

Twitter: JudeCaserta

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