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#LivingSomedayToday in Paris!

(Original post date: July 2013) (Updated April 2016) I took French in high school and remember Paris being my mothers romantic favorite. There were so many things to see and only 2 days to accomplish the list. Someday I want to go to Paris! When I first started framing this post all I could think…

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A Divine French Holiday

I just returned from a dream vacation, Paris to Lyon and a cruise on the Rhone River. I ate new foods, tasted wonderful wine and saw monuments and lavender fields. This was a “check this off the list” sort of trip. Paris was a wonderful city and I could stay for months and never see…

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First day in #Paris

When we landed we were supposed to be picked up by the tour company. Several of the folks in our group had cars waiting but we had to ask for the assistance of a very kind gentleman in a dark suit. Seems that all of the drivers wear dark suits, thin ties and sharp shoes,…

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