Your Perfect Packing Plan Rule #1

This is the first thing I do to begin my packing plan for each adventure:

Rule #1

Using my itinerary, I picture myself in each location. How do I want to look in the photo? That’s how I begin my packing list.

Using my detailed itinerary, I imagine myself going to each place on the list, moving about and enjoying myself. Just like a golfer uses imagery to practice their perfect swing, I imagine myself living my itinerary.

{“How to Choose Your Perfect Itinerary” COMING SOON}

Here is how it’s done. Think about the following:

Why did you select this itinerary?


Think about the time and treasure you have invested into this tour. Why?

“My grandfather never talked D-Day. I want to honor him.”

“Ever since I took Spanish in school, I’ve always wanted to visit the Sagrada Família in Barcelona.”

“I want to see as much as I can before my knees won’t allow me to walk and explore.”

What about this particular adventure thrills you?

“The Sphinx Observatory on top of Jungfraujoch in Switzerland!”

What “Someday List” items are you checking off?

“I always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.”

“I always wanted to see where my grandparents were born.”

What iconic locations are included?

First day ever in Paris!

How do you feel being there?

If you feel special, wear something special.

Do Re Mi in Salzburg!

If you feel joyful, wear something that makes you feel joyful.

What will the weather be like while you’re away?

If you are going somewhere that tends to be rainy (Amsterdam and Dublin immediately come to mind) then buy a rain coat that makes you happy and would look great in photos. The red raincoat above was purchased a few days before leaving for Amsterdam, when the forecast called for rain the entire visit. I love it!

Are you going to a location with weather that is an outlier from the rest of the trip?

Feeling “On Top Of The World”

On many Rhine River cruises you may visit the mountains of Switzerland. When I was there it was 87º in Bern and 27º on the top of Jungfrau. In another post I’ll help you navigate this variance without having to pack all of your winter gear.

Don't forget...
Your Perfect Plan: 12-24 months
Your Travel: 7-21 days
Your Memories: a lifetime

Rule # 1 Review:

If you begin by imagining the end (memorializing your adventure with photos), you have an idea of the sort of clothing you will want to pack.

Your Perfect Packing Plan: how to be the star of your photo album!

Next time in Your Perfect Packing Plan series:

Rule # 2:

The 3-2-1 system (you’re not going to like me…)

Until next time, I am #LivingSomedayToday


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