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Vacation is just living life

For several weeks I was planning on writing today’s Foodie column about calamari. Just so you know, this column is not about calamari although calamari probably has some contribution to its content (you will understand this soon). Becoming “The Foodie” is an ironic twist for me because for the last 18 months I have been…

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Hello world!

I am not new to blogging – I am also the¬† I want this blog to be more personal.¬† It will include not only my life in college athletics but my life as a wife and mother, as well.¬† I hope you enjoy reading my unique perspective and let me know through comments. You…

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The Continuous Reinvention of Me

It is 49 degrees and sunny in Boston this morning.¬† I am already in the hotel lobby working on my slides.¬† I keep studying and revising and rethinking and over-thinking‚ĶI MUST STOP THE MADNESS! I have been waiting for this opportunity for years.¬† I truly believe that speaking is a part of my future.¬† I…

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