The Biggest Travel Photo Mistake Is…

2013-07-08-14-01-00Pretty, isn’t it? But where is this window? Is it in Spain? Hint, no, I’ve never been to Spain “but I kinda like the music” ūüėČ

Savannah, or Laguna Beach? Maybe Bari or Siena, Italy? No, it is none of these places I have visited.

It is in Viviers, France along the right bank of the Rh√īne River. I played p√©tanque in this quaint village with other guests on the Swiss Emerald while traveling #Tauck’s French Waterways river cruise.

While I would never call this photo a mistake I must admit that when I was looking for examples for this post I had to do some research to remember where this photo was.

When I returned from France in 2013 I had several thousand digital photos to sort through and share with my friends (we were part of a group of 17 from WNY and eventually 21 on the cruise). We set up a group Dropbox account to share our photos. I probably had 1,500 photos of doors and windows, countryside from the river ship and motor coach and plenty of plates of food and glasses of wine. As lovely as they were, why share a photo of a millefeuille (delicious and pretty as they are)?

It was hard to find photos of the people that were enjoying all of those things and I swore that I would take more photos of people and less of architecture. I now leave that for the pros and buy the postcard!

In my last three trips abroad I have tried to capture people capturing the memory. I love to photograph someone taking a picture or just walking. Although I love candid photos, extra smile and say cheese moments are great, too.

Here are a few of my favorites…


While these pretzels in Bratislava were a Tauck lagniappe (special surprise) I remember enjoying them with my friend Karen more than how they actually tasted.




Here is a glass of dry Riesling with the Rhine River in the background. Do I remember the wine? Well, sure, of course I remember the wine. img_0067What do I remember more? I remember sharing it with my mother and my sister and her family in Germany while dining at Schloss Johannisberg. Cheers James!

img_0176The lock bridge img_0177on the Main River in Frankfurt still has many locks tethered to the steel but this photo of my niece is better than any still life.


dscn2064Our trip to Puglia this past summer to visit the hometowns of my grandparents was amazing. One of the things we promised my mom was to get her feet in the sea. Her father used to tell her how special it was to swim in the Adriatic when he was a boy. Imagine how special it was for me and my sisters to help her actually do it? My sister captured the moment so well.


This moment may be one of my favorite of all time. It was in Salzburg’s Mirabell Gardens. Any Sound of Music fan will recognize this as one of the scenes while Maria and the children sang “Do Re Me.” Something about my husband walking through makes me happy.

Remember, most of us are taking photos on our phones or with automatic cameras. Don’t make the mistake of missing the moments while trying to capture every minute.

Yours in adventure!




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