Snow in Rome?

This morning I saw two live videos on Facebook of someone walking in the snow. If you live in Western New York like me, that is hardly surprising in February. IMG_0403However, if you live in Puglia, it is like snow in Florida. These olive trees are in Alberobello Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I cannot imagine them covered in snow. Check out Apuglia Travels on Facebook for a video of this rare snow event.

Snow blanketed much of Europe in places that see it so infrequently that there are many children who are seeing snow for the first time.


In fact, in Rome they had to call in the Italian army! The Weather Channel has a cool video of a snow fight in Vatican City.

Part of me would have loved to have seen it and the rest of me would have been so disappointed to have snow in Italy. Great story later but a pain in the butt at the time.

How many times have you visited a far away destination only to have Mother Nature smack you upside the head? We can plan for snow in Switzerland or rain in Amsterdam  but it’s hard to plan for everything. Just ask a visitor to Rome today. Snow or no, I am sure they are #LivingSomedayToday.



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