We interrupt this Vacation for a very important message:

Fancy travel post written by important travel writer:

{Lots of fancy words… lots of fancy photos… one or two charts… lots of quotes… all the way to the stunning conclusion}

You are not going anywhere, friend!

I have stayed away from posting anything on my website, JudesLuxuryTravel.com because it changes daily and many announcements are location specific. There is just too much to digest.

And, honestly, I’ve been just as nervous as you about the virus. How do we stay safe during this crisis? How do we protect ourselves and our loved ones while trying to see to the necessities of life?

Masks? Six feet? Flatten the curve? Make any plans at all?

We are left wondering how to handle future cancelations, long term planning and anything that makes us ask “when”…

So, instead of jumping on the bandwagon and trying to prognosticate what will happen in the short term, I’m here to help you plan for the long term.





Yes, we will. If I had a crystal ball getting the perfect frequency, I will tell you, we will travel again.

So, starting this week I am going to review my packing tips for River Cruises and Guided Tours.

I will show you not just what to pack but how to pack it without lots of fancy cubes and gizmos.

I will help you review, reduce and rework your current wardrobe and make it ready to go just about anywhere.

Best of all, I will teach you how to strategically plan your bag and carry on for any trip, whether a one ship “all inclusive” or where there are lots of hotels and transitions.

I will help you be the star of your next photo album!

It’s time to plan that trip, and I’m here to help you.

Please send me your email to sign up for my weekly packing tip and I’ll send you my packing plan.

Email: packing@judesluxurytravel.com

Subject: #PackingPlan

We will be #LivingSomedayToday

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