Living Someday Today

“Living Someday Today”

What do you think? If you say “someday I…” what is the dot dot dot?

Does it describe you or perhaps the “you” you want to be?

Do you think of someone you know that left this world too early without doing all of those things on her list?

No matter what, we all have a someday list, at least I hope you do.

There are so many things I want to do. I want to learn to play the drums…come on, don’t laugh.

I want to learn to make a good pie crust.

I also want to learn to whistle. You know, the “Junior, come home for dinner” kind of whistle.

I want to go to the Kentucky Derby complete with an awesome hat.

I want to see my Buffalo Bills win a Super Bowl and my Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup…ok, maybe there are things really outside of my control.

For me my longest someday list involves travel. I want to go to at least 5 continents in my life and travel to at least 25 countries. I have traveled to 2 continents and 9 countries so I have 3 continents and 16 countries to go.

I CAN DO THIS! I have a plan.

So stay tuned and come along.

We have places to explore and stories to hear about people who are Living Someday Today.

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