Someday…I’ll Restart My Blog

So, it’s the new year and I, like many, have big plans. The challenge is to remember what I was thinking a month and even a year from now. Fortunately, putting this online for all the world to see (and maybe even some will read) will give me some accountability.

Some of my plans are bold and require both time and treasure. Many of them include travel (not surprising) and some are quite domestic.

I want to add a US city that I’ve never visited (outside the airport) and I would like to do more weekend getaways that do not require flying. Lucky for me, I live near Tor2011-05-22_16-10-22_54onto which is the largest metropolitan area in Canada and the 7th in North America.

I would like to go to four movies (that may not seem like very many but I’m lucky if I see 1-2 a year).

I would like to restart my French lessons and be a little more conversant as I cruise through a small part of France this summer.

I would like to learn how to cook duck.

I am going to unplug more and resist posting in real time. The visit to the city/restaurant/museum still happened even if I write about it two weeks later.

I am going to work on being more present.

I would like to help five families learn the blessing of transformative travel and guide them to many days of “remember when’s…”

I would like to collect 12 “Living Someday Today” stories from folks around the world and create a 2018 calendar.

Hmm…seems I just restarted my blog…

I am “living someday today!”

Yours in adventure,


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